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We develop international private-public partnerships

NLWorks accelerates the creation of international networks between entrepreneurs and governments for the purpose of building joint business propositions. We match the ambition and needs of Dutch and foreign entrepreneurs with those of governments. NLWorks helps to create impact programs with a solid business case, that benefit the public or private goals; but more importantly that create a societal impact for all.

We believe that by bridging the gap between private and public parties, we can create viable solutions for global problems, with sustainable impact.

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Together with our consortium partners we ...

Identify economic, social and environmental challenges that may benefit from Dutch solutions
Act upon these challenges by connecting private and public partners to form effective and beneficial partnerships
Develop comprehensive programs that aim to result in profitable (bilateral) business with positive impact
Enrich, scale or replicate successes

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Hatay earthquake February 2023 Turkey

Rebuild Hatay: Modular Neighborhoods

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck in February 2023, swift action was taken. The aftermath prompted two pivotal NLWorks missions to the profoundly affected Hatay province. Within Hatay, the city of Antakiya (formerly home to 700,000 residents) and Samandag (with a previous population of 130,000) faced the daunting task of near-complete reconstruction. Need for action From February
Hatay (Türkiye)
Orchard of the Future in California

Orchard of the Future

Many people often have a nostalgic perception of orchards. Rows of fruit trees where you can pick your own fruit and the remaining is harvested by the farmer. Healthy and organic fruit at your fingertips. Nowadays modern fruit growers are professional businesspeople grappling with numerous challenges in cultivating and harvesting their crops. Leveraging a combination of existing and emerging smart
Washington State
East Africa Clean Cooking Web

East Africa Clean Cooking

A majority of the population in East Africa still uses traditional fuels like charcoal and wood for household cooking. This causes severe health issues and gender inequalities. It also harms the environment and contributes negatively to climate change. On a global level, 2.4 billion people are exposed to dangerous levels of household air pollution. Rwanda and neighboring countries, including Kenya,
Vietnam Sustainable Horticulture worker

Vietnam Sustainable Horticulture

The Mekong River is Indochina’s main waterway. It flows from the Tibetan plateau in China and empties into the South China Sea. The water is used for agriculture and fishing, industry, and energy. No measures have been taken yet to reduce the effect on the environment of these multiple uses, bringing increased environmental costs. The river supplies more than 60

Sustainable Pig Farming China

The Sustainable Pig Farming program aims to create better living conditions for people as well as animals in and around pig farms in China. By building a demonstration, test and training farm, a consortium of 13 Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions will demonstrate how Chinese pig farms can be run in an innovative, sustainable and animal-friendly way.

Let’s Grow Together

NLWorks supports a public / private collaboration, to establish a controlled environment ag-tech ecosystem in Kentucky, US using Dutch knowledge, products and services. The goal is to capitalize on the controlled environment ag opportunities in the US for the Dutch sector.
Kentucky (US)
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    Global challenges, Dutch solutions

    We believe that by connecting competitive Dutch technology with the knowledge and expertise of the different international partners, we can build businesses with impact in multiple sectors and in various countries. Our motto: use local solutions where available, Dutch where needed.

    We focus on 6 main sectors in which Dutch industry has acquired an internationally leading position.


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    We believe that by bridging the gap between private and public parties, we can create viable solutions for global problems, with sustainable impact.