About NLWorks

Our Mission

At NLWorks, we believe in the power of collaboration.  Sharing strengths and knowledge and working together is essential for businesses, knowledge institutes and governments to prepare for the challenges of today and the future. Challenges such as providing safe and healthy food, water security, access to health care, and battling climate change.
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Global challenges, Dutch solutions

The Netherlands is a small country but is internationally renowned for its knowledge in specific fields of expertise. NLWorks matches this Dutch knowledge, technology and expertise with international partners. This way, we help to build businesses with impact in multiple sectors and various sectors. This fits with NLWorks’ aim of addressing international economic, social and environmental challenges by facilitating and organizing Dutch solutions that work locally.  

NLWorks is uniquely positioned and mandated by the Government of the Netherlands and the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers to develop international private-public partnerships for profitable business with positive impact. We believe in the competitive Dutch sector expertise, as well as in the ability of businesses and knowledge institutions to realize business opportunities while tackling global challenges. Always looking for the harmonious combination of planet, prosperity and profit. 

Our Team

Our team consists of highly driven professionals with diverse backgrounds. This allows us to connect  knowledge and expertise of divers international partners, within various sectors, with competitive Dutch technology. Together we  build businesses with impact in multiple sectors and  various countries. 

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