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With a growing population and an increasingly large middle class, food security for the future is a challenge in China. With a vertically integrated business model for Sino Dutch Agri-Parks, Dutch businesses are using their knowledge by working with Chinese investors and retail partners to improve the yield and quality levels of greenhouse production in China.

Strengths of the Dutch greenhouse sector
The Dutch Greenhouse Sector is known internationally for its suppliers of innovative and sustainable greenhouse concepts, that offers increased production, food safety, lower energy and water consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, and a better yield.

In China, the current urbanisation trend is accompanied by a growing middle class. As the middle class is getting larger, the demand for healthier food is increasing. By 2030, there will be 1 billion people living in Chinese cities, each requiring 75 kilograms of vegetables per year. That development demands an increased food supply, in quantity as well as in quality. The knowledge and expertise acquired by the Dutch greenhouse sector can be an important asset in preparing China for the future.

Food security: complex challenges
The United Nation’s Social Development Goal #2, from the UN’s Social Development Goals strategy, reads: “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”. Social Development Goal #2 thus highlights the complex inter-linkages between food security, nutrition, rural transformation and sustainable agriculture.

Dutch businesses can contribute to solving these food security and sustainable production challenges in China by implementing sustainable practices and working in partnership with other actors throughout the agricultural value chain (including input, production, distribution and retail).

A collaboration
In order to improve the yield and quality levels of greenhouse production in China, NLWorks will support Dutch businesses in developing a new model where Dutch suppliers, working together with local investors and retail partners, join efforts to implement a collective, vertically integrated Business Model for Sino Dutch Agri-Parks.


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Sustainable development goals (SDGs)

2: Zero hunger
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