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The Sustainable Pig Farming program aims to create better living conditions for people as well as animals in and around pig farms in China. By building a demonstration, test and training farm, a consortium of 13 Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions will demonstrate how Chinese pig farms can be run in an innovative, sustainable and animal-friendly way. The consortium hopes that this farm and the associated knowledge, training as well as information program will inspire Chinese businesses, government agencies and knowledge institutions to collaborate as well as help scale up this type of pig farm.

Need for action

As African swine fever is spreading rapidly across China, the Chinese government is taking urgent measures to upgrade the pig industry by improving safety, production and environmental standards. Given the health risks and the economic importance of this industry for China, the search for new production methods is a top priority. China is therefore looking to collaborate with the Netherlands, which is renowned for its expertise in the field of innovative, sustainable pig farming.

Social and economic opportunities

Changing social norms around such things as the use of antibiotics, environmental pollution and animal welfare in response to previous swine fever epidemics, this sector has completed revamped production methods within the Netherlands in recent decades. The result is not just better products and services, but especially a more integrated, sustainable approach. Examples include linking up expertise in policy on animal feed and ingredients, animal welfare, emissions reduction, veterinary medicine, efficient breeding and production methods as well as manure management.

This knowledge is not often marketed outside of Europe. Many Dutch SMEs regard the prospect of entering the Chinese market as too risky due to a lack of local contacts, knowledge and intellectual property issues. However, combined with the Chinese desire to make production more sustainable as quickly as possible, the potential of the market is currently making this prospect particularly attractive for Dutch businesses. Responding to the urgent need for responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) as well as good health and well-being (SDG 3), they can play their part in the redevelopment of the Chinese pig industry (SDG 8) and help implement new sustainability standards through education, training as well as providing information (SDG 4).

Mission for the Netherlands

A major consortium of Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions led by Royal Agrifirm now plans to invest in the construction of a demonstration and production farm with integrated facilities for training and testing. In collaboration with NLWorks, they have worked on a long-term impact program. For positioning purposes and to generate Chinese support, a scholarship program as well as a knowledge and information program will be set up. We are also working to further the relationship with the Chinese local government through the Dutch network of diplomatic missions. These activities are being developed in consultation with the consortium as well as the supporting public and private service providers.


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