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Since February 2022, Ukraine has been in distress because of the war with Russia. With this ongoing war, the country is unsafe for its people. Several countries in Europe have taken in Ukrainian refugees, including the Netherlands. We aim to support Ukraine in several possible ways, including with military aid and reconstruction, as well as in the area of medical aid by providing medicines and relief supplies.

The need for action

The need for emergency medical infrastructure and rehabilitation for civilian use is high, hence the time for action. Many medical facilities have been (partly) destroyed, and equipment is looted. Disrupted or absent health services have a direct impact on the wounded, chronically ill, and pregnant women. Without any action, the lack of health services will lead to more suffering and deaths in Ukraine.

Social and economic impact and challenges

The Western world is mobilizing funds and promising support, but aside from weapons and refugee support, this is slow in coming. This consortium aims to mobilize these capabilities in a well-structured way to rebuild Ukraine into a well-developed, economically stable, and prosperous democracy.

To achieve this, help is needed to create a focused and specific needs assessment, impact case, and business case, complement the partnership and clarify roles and responsibilities. Health care is essentially a government responsibility. Ukraine was already short of funds before the war and it is not very different today. 

More than $100 billion in funds from governments and through NGOs, the World Bank, and the UN have been promised and/or reserved to help Ukraine.

Privat-public approach

Healthcare is essentially a public responsibility (Ukraine government) and funds are sourced from international organizations and NGOs. Most consortium partners have ample experience with Healthcare construction in the Ukraine, and several have local organizations (Philips & IMC).

The role of NLWorks is to make the region accessible for the consortium partners by enabling public-private collaboration, on a national, regional, and local level.

The consortium covers infrastructure (e.g., buildings, energy, water), interior (e.g., technical equipment, furniture, consumables), and capability development (management and operations). It develops and delivers a modular and replicable solution, for a first-line emergency, secondary and specialized care like mom and child health care, chronic diseases, and mental health care.

Combining temporary solutions where needed, with permanent solutions where possible. To build a green, resilient, and inclusive future healthcare system.

Hospitainer, Philips, Imres, APMG, International Medical Corps, Rebel, Ministry of Health Ukraine, and Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands have all publicly expressed their commitment.


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