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NLWorks works with public-private partnerships on a long-term basis. In our role as partner, we help transform programs which have strong support from businesses and knowledge institutions into concrete business models that have the potential for scale-up.


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Partners for primary care

Quality, readily accessible health care is becoming an ever greater priority to governments the world over. The Kenyan government wants every Kenyan citizen to have access to affordable health care...

Let’s Grow Together

NLWorks supports a public / private collaboration, to establish a controlled environment ag-tech ecosystem in Kentucky, US using Dutch knowledge, products and services. The goal is to capitalize on the...
Kentucky (US)

Sustainable Pig Farming China

The Sustainable Pig Farming program aims to create better living conditions for people as well as animals in and around pig farms in China. By building a demonstration, test and...

Biomass India

Reduce CO2 emissions or improve air quality through circularity. This ambition is a priority for both countries. Biomass India is a program for public-private initiatives of both Dutch and Indian...

India Climate Smart Coffee

The Climate Smart Coffee Consortium aims to reduce climate change, increase climate resilience, boost biodiversity and enhance the income of coffee farmers via Climate Smart Coffee Plantations in Kerala, India....

CAWADU Agrifoodtech Cooperation

The world’s population is growing at an alarming rate. As a result, providing each every individual with a supply of safe, healthy, sustainable food is becoming an ever-greater challenge. It...
California (US)

Sino Dutch Integrated Agri-Parks

With a growing population and an increasingly large middle class, food security for the future is a challenge in China. With a vertically integrated business model for Sino Dutch Agri-Parks,...

Curaçao Sustainable Economy

The Curaçao Duurzame Economie program aims to create a more sustainable economy in Curacao by focusing on six central themes: sustainable energy, mobility, education, employment opportunities, environmental protection and export....

Waste to Wealth

On the banks of the Ganges River in India, Dutch and Indian businesses, knowledge institutions and government agencies are working together to generate electricity, gas, clean water and local jobs....
Vietnam Sustainable Horticulture worker

Vietnam Sustainable Horticulture

The Mekong River is Indochina’s main waterway. It flows from the Tibetan plateau in China and empties into the South China Sea. The water is used for agriculture and fishing,...
East Africa Clean Cooking Web

East Africa Clean Cooking

A majority of the population in East Africa still uses traditional fuels like charcoal and wood for household cooking. This causes severe health issues and gender inequalities. It also harms...
Bulgaria Sustainable Fruit and Vegetable Ecosystem

Bulgaria Sustainable Food and Vegetable Ecosystem

Bulgaria is a country with a rich history in the production and export of vegetables and fruits. Its temperate climate and rich soils provide favorable conditions for fruit and vegetable...
Ukraine Health Care Recovery Consortium

Ukraine Health Care Recovery Consortium

Since February 2022, Ukraine has been in distress because of the war with Russia. With this ongoing war, the country is unsafe for its people. Several countries in Europe have...