The Netherlands, albeit a small country in surface area, is the second-largest agricultural exporter in the world. This is thanks to decades of innovation and hard work. 

Innovation has always been a key part of Dutch culture and society. It has contributed a great deal to keeping our farming methods state-of-the-art, our productivity as well as our cost efficiency high. Sustainability and sustainable production methods are important components in the Dutch approach, with food safety and food security as important themes. 

This makes the Netherlands well-placed to play an important role in the global agriculture and food transition. 

Did you know that nearly half of the 10.2 million acres of Dutch surface area is used for high-value agricultural and food production. This includes cheese, vegetables, tomatoes, and lots of flowers. 

Within the NLWorks portfolio, several initiatives focus on agri-food and agri-tech. We aim to leave behind a sustainable footprint by collaborating with partners who have similar ambitions.