The philosophy underpinning the Dutch healthcare system is based on several universal principles. These include access to care for all, solidarity through medical insurance, and high-quality healthcare services.  

The Dutch healthcare sector is known for having high standards, good facilities, and being available to all through a universal healthcare program delivered by private providers. As an innovator, the Netherlands, based on the knowledge and expertise of Dutch institutes, contributes to supporting the creation and implementation of World Health Organization (WHO) strategies and guidelines, such as monitoring and surveillance. In addition, the Netherlands is internationally known in the field of digitalization, innovation, and making healthcare more sustainable, by providing innovative health technology solutions that support value-based care across the healthcare sector.   

The Netherlands is well-placed to contribute to the global healthcare sector. In line with the Dutch Global Health Strategy for 2023-2030, NLWorks aims to improve access to good healthcare and medicines. Within the NLWorks portfolio, several initiatives focus on rural development and improving the healthcare system. In Colombia, in the Amazon area, a private-public partnership explored how to improve access to healthcare and medicines, using a small hospital ship that provides medical and dental care. In Kenya, a private-public partnership developed access to a primary healthcare concept by establishing healthcare community centers in rural areas.  

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