Solving challenges in (the controlled environment) agriculture

May 12, 2023
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“I’m pleased to see the effectiveness of the technology and the collaboration between the Netherlands and California”, Karen Ross spoke enthusiastically at the Global Controlled Environment Agriculture Consortium (GCEAC) network gathering at Tomatoworld in April. This event around the theme Climate Smart Agriculture marked the visit of a delegation of Californian partners who visited the Netherlands for an entire week to gain inspiration for innovation.

Karen Ross, California’s Secretary for Agriculture and Food who is one of the founders of the partnership headed the delegation and returned to the Netherlands in person to strengthen the relations and the collaboration in addressing our common challenges in our agricultural and food systems.

It is worth noting that the United States and the Netherlands are among the top exporters of agricultural produce globally.

The Netherlands has a unique approach to sustainable food production. Rather than just exporting fruits and vegetables, the country aims to export solutions that will enable the world to feed itself sustainably. This approach shows the Netherlands’ commitment to addressing the global challenge of feeding a growing population while minimizing the impact on the environment.

In that context, FME and NLWorks organized a gathering with the theme ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’. The California delegation visited the Netherlands last month to gain inspiration for innovation. In addition, relations between California and the Netherlands were too strengthened in addressing our common challenges in our agricultural and food system.

At the event we presented a sneak preview of the Technology Roadmap that we’re working on. Besides by the Californian delegation the event was visited by many of the Dutch collaboration partners. Also, a number of partners of our Kentucky ecosystem transition program attended, which created the opportunity to further broaden networks and collaboration.

Facilitated by NLWorks and FME, the Californian – Dutch public-private partnership Global Controlled Environment Agriculture Consortium (GCEAC) collaboration, aims to develop a long-term public-private AgriFoodTech program with a broad support base.

Do you want to know more about NLWorks or the GCEAC and Kentucky programs mentioned? Feel free to contact partnership developer Joke Vroegop.