Luud Lemmens

Partnership Developer
Creating long term, sustainable development requires strong collaboration between all parties involved, as well as a deep understanding of the local socio-economic dynamics.
+31 6 25 24 39 85

I believe that in order to create pragmatic solutions with social impact, all parties involved need to be aligned around their shared goal and have a clear understanding of the dynamic and regional context at play. As a private-public partnership developer, I find it important to understand all dynamics of the spatial environment in order to create the highest possible social and economic impact and strong (inter)national relationships. Within a strong consortium these impacts can be optimized with the support of NLWorks, by formulating strong impact and business cases, and a clear overall program strategy. 

I have an educational background in international economics and human geography, and have worked in an international environment for most of my previous roles. For sure, these experiences, as well as my time abroad in South-Korea and Hong Kong, are the main drivers for me to focus on setting up new international collaborations with a wide variety of partners.  

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