Wageningen University releases study on AgTech Ecosystem Kentucky

November 29, 2021
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A new inception study by Wageningen University gives insight into the opportunities, development and know-how of building the Kentucky AgTech Ecosystem – in particular of greenhouse horticulture – based on the Dutch AgTech ecosystem clustering approach. The study was conducted by the university’s Economic Research Department, and was commissioned by NLWorks.

An extensive study
The study focuses on the current situation in Kentucky and on the possible follow-up steps to be taken. These follow-up steps have been mapped out by means of a spatial analysis of production locations for greenhouse horticulture, a market and value chain analysis, a technical analysis on how to make production more sustainable and the governance aspect.

Obstacles and opportunities
Obstacles and opportunities for the Dutch and Kentucky (horticultural) industry are also described. The study provides recommendations for follow-up activities for these aspects, in order to enable the development of a local AgTech ecosystem. The follow up research is currently being caried out in part 2 of this study, with the goal of creating a complete AgTech ecosystem design. Both of these studies are a sequel of an earlier executed Market Potential and Investment Study of high-tech greenhouse vegetable production in the USA.

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AgTech Ecosystem Kentucky: Inception study