What we Do

What does NLWorks do?

Global challenges cannot be solved by one company or public organization on its own. They require close, international collaboration and solid guidance. At NLWorks we have experience in getting the different parties to work together with a programmatic approach to ensure the private-public partnership lasts and reaches its final goal of building a profitable business with positive impact.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We build and support your private-public partnership and help find the balance between business and impact, private and public requirements, and short-term actions with long-term ambitions.

Together with the partners in a consortium, we:

Identify economic, social and environmental challenges that may benefit from Dutch solutions;
Act upon these challenges by connecting private and public partners to form effective and beneficial partnerships;
Develop comprehensive programs that aim to result in profitable (bilateral) business with positive impact;
Enrich, scale or replicate the success. After a program has been developed, the private-public partnership takes full ownership of the program. 

The 5 phases of our programs

We use a program management method with five phases. At the end of each phase, it is determined if an initiative is qualified to go to the next phase.

  1. Idea assessment: Ideas can be developed into Business with Impact concepts if they have significant interest from Dutch companies who have a competitive edge and a clear view on a positive business case with positive impact. 
  2. Concept Development​: Concepts can move to the Program Development phase if there is a clear line of sight for business & impact potential and the need and commitment for a strong private-public partnership program. 
  3. Program Development: Moving from the Program Development phase to the Implementation requires quantified business & impact cases and significant formal & financial commitment from the partners.
  4. Program Implementation: Moving from the program implementation to the program enrichment/scaling/replication/retry phase requires first short-term business results and interest to grow. 
  5. Program enrichment, scaling, replication​: Programs which are enriched, or replicated can become new, seperate programs 

Dutch expertise strengthens global partnerships

NLWorks is uniquely positioned and mandated by the government of the Netherlands and the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers. The Netherlands is a small country, but internationally, the Dutch are renowned for their knowledge in specific fields of expertise. We believe that by connecting this competitive Dutch technology with the knowledge and expertise of the different international partners, we can build businesses with impact in multiple sectors and in various countries. Our motto: use local solutions where available, Dutch where needed.

We focus on 6 main sectors in which Dutch industry has acquired an internationally leading position. Our focus sectors are: